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Given all the effort we put into our open-source DiceKeys app (available iOS, Mac, Android, and at you might think that it would be in constant contact with us.


It never calls.

It never writes.

We hear nothing.

Not one packet.

Our friends boast about their apps being installed into profitable medical practices. Others show off the detailed reports their apps send from prestigious law schools. They ask, if our app is so great, how come we never hear from it?

We have no comeback. Zilch! Nothing!

You might think our web-based app could at least send us a cookie, maybe just over the holidays? But no, even that's too much to ask! We just send it the code we toiled over for years and we never hear from it again.

If the app crashes, Google or Apple may send us a report to tell us where it happened. What an awful way for us to learn the fate of an app we worked so hard to bring into this world.

So, if you appreciate the app and want us to know, perhaps you might send the occasional virtual postcard?

This website

We do not collect any data from this website. The form on our support page is provided by a third party (currently ZohoDesk), embedded in an iframe, and collects data as permitted by its privacy policy. We get your support requests through that third party. If you don't want to use that support form through your browser, you can send support requests by email to, though they'll still be collected and stored by our third-party support system.